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Relief Work


Covid-19 Migrants' and Workers' Relief


As the lockdown came into effect, Hyderabad Urban Lab got deeply involved in providing provisions and relief packages to migrants stranded in the city without income. The funds for the relief work were raised through donations. HUL's co-director Bhashwati Sengupta oversaw the relief work while Md. Siraj, a resident of Ahmed Nagar and a friend of HUL, did all the legwork of procuring supplies, making packets, and delivering them. He was often accompanied by his nephew Muzammil. Relief work began with a handful of people in the vicinity of First Lancer Road (where HUL's office is located) who were already familiar to the organisation and its members, such as the GHMC workers, some women-headed households in Owaisipura, Ahmed Nagar, and Pochamma Basti, and migrant workers who worked at nearby hotels and brought tea to the office. However, it soon snowballed into a much bigger exercise, as word spread and more people in crisis reached out for help.

The photographs in this collection were taken by Md. Siraj and his nephew Muzammil on Siraj's phone as part of the documentation of the relief work as it happened. Photographs of lists, purchased provisions, packets made, and the actual delivery of packets were taken and shared with Bhashwati Sengupta. The immediate purpose was to document the relief work and show donors exactly how their donations were being utilised.

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March - June 2020


Md. Siraj
Bhashwati Sengupta

Collection Items

Provision packets being prepared for distribution to transgender women in Secunderabad.

Vegetables and rations distributed to migrant families in Ahmed Nagar.

Munir Begum, her son, and daughter.

One of several women-headed households HUL assisted with provisions during the lockdown.

"Buddhi" who lives near Siraj's house in a one-room tenement. Siraj has a long standing joking relationship with her. On regular days she provides for herself by begging near the Ahmed Nagar cemetery, but when the lockdown came into effect she was…

Rambai irons clothes across the road from our office premises on First Lancer Road. Like many others, her livelihood came to a grinding halt with the lockdown.

Md. Siraj is delivering the provisions in an empty 25 kg rice sack.

One of several…

Munir Begum (r) receiving rations from Md. Siraj (l).

One of several women-headed households HUL assisted with provisions during the lockdown.

Provisions to Bashir Begum. Md. Siraj can be seen here in the photograph with the recipient. The photograph was probably clicked by his nephew Muzammil.

One of several women-headed households HUL assisted with provisions during the lockdown.

Rice was a core component of the provisions that were distributed. These are 25 kg bags of Aahaar brand HMT rice kept in Siraj's house for distribution. The rice was divided into 5 kg batches for each packet of provisions.

List of items in the first batch of packets, with quantity:

Rice 5 kg
Oil 1kg
Masoor dal 1/2 kg
Tea 100 gm
Salt- 1 packet
Sugar - 1/2 kg
Milk 1/2kg
Imli (tamarind) - 1/2kg
Tomato 1 kg

The total value of the packet is Rs. 600.


1. A plastic crate containing potatoes and lady fingers to be distributed. A packet of toor dal can be seen placed on a slab in the lower right corner.

2. A clear shot of the packet of toor dal seen in the previous photograph.

3. Packets of red…
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